It’s a blog!

It's a blog | EmilyAnnMoschner Design
There’s lots of changing going on around here.

Part of which includes this squeaky, new blog in all of its WordPress splendor. This isn’t my first time the stork has stopped in with a delivery though. My other blogging experience just wasn’t nearly as cool, or cute. It also didn’t exactly give me the creative freedom I was looking for, and so what was once an entire blog for me in the past is going to be a weekly segment over here.

As a writer with a typography-infused obsession with graphic design, color, photography, interior styling, patterns, art, fashion and babies (I mean, who doesn’t just delight in a baby with good fashion sense and a knack for being adorable?), this etching of mine in cyberspace is bound to burst under the weight of hopeful creative undertakings and current written or visual endeavors.

So, welcome! I’m Emily Ann.

When I was child my hands were often hidden in journals, my nose was likely found in a book. Somewhere along the way, anything I could create or transform with my fingers became my newest beloved project. Now I’m a journalism student in Florida trying to weave all of my fascinations, many vibrant, loose-ended threads, into a beautifully cohesive tapestry.

This is my visual, virtual journal where I sort out countless frazzled thoughts, piece together heaps of tangled ventures and tasks, and gather bits of inspiration like a basket of berries. If it’s anything like the journals I schlep with me each day, the cover will bear signs of tearing and pages will spill onto the floor, but I’m ok with that.

Thanks for dropping by, just please pardon the mess.

P.S. If not otherwise noted, all graphic designs, illustrations, photographs, etc. on this blog are my own, including the visual in this post. Please be kind and give credit where it is due if you wish to share or pin (you’re welcome to check out my boards by the way) my art or anyone else’s. I’ll be sure to do the same. Thank you!


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