Hue Thrill Me | Fiery Red

On Friday I received a purple box filled with 24 long-stem red roses. I have the best secret admirers. I swear.

The deep, velvety petals are ravishing and could easily go very spring. But it’s fall y’all, and I’m mixing it up. One order of autumn with a side of springtime, please!

Comin’ right up, ma’am.

Hue Thrill Me - Fiery Red 1 | EmilyAnnMoschner Design

*Images – Row 1 | Vintage 1930s Floral Seersucker Shorts via Adored Vintage; Tim Walker for Vogue via Vogue; Row 2 | Windsor Overdyed Grove Red Rug via Rugs USA

Hue Thrill Me - Fiery Red 2 | EmilyAnnMoschner Design

Row 1 | Fiery red roses courtesy of Benjamin Jacob Rupe – photo by me; Rifle Paper Co. 2013 Lookbook via Rifle Paper Co.; Row 2 | Please Don’t Leave Rug via Urban Outfitters; Pop via Frankie Hearts Fashion

Hue Thrill Me - Fiery Red 3 | EmilyAnnMoschner Design

Row 1 | Rosie Assoulin – Movie Cars Dress via Moda Operandi; Suzanne Antonelli; Pimpernell Fingerless Gloves via Anthropologie Row 2 | To Kill a Mockingbird book cover design by Anna Heath; Emily Henderson’s beautiful living room

Orange, brown, and goldenrod can all be super beautiful for fall. I’m just sort of sick of typical anything these days. Sure, fiery red and navy don’t depict crunchy leaves and apple cider, but I’ve noticed that most of my cool-weather clothes are a bit murky in color and I’m dead-set on changing that.

All of the color palettes above still say ‘warm’ to me, and so do the textures. Sometimes it’s less about the hue and more about the cue. Look at me getting all Dr. Seuss on you. …And there I go again. Cable-knit and velvet are both very fall despite bright color saturation. No?

How about snow? Yup, still working for winter last time I checked because even though it’s after Labor Day and white is totally out (except totally not) the texture and cue are obvious. Let’s not be afraid to stir up some pretty darn predictable fall wardrobes/home decor/art and get a little fiery, a little wild, a little spring in the middle of October.

Which anti-fall fall colors are keeping you warm as the chill travels in this season?


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