Hue Thrill Me | Icy Blue

We’re not even scraping the leftovers from Thanksgiving, and I’m already diving straight into winter. It’s not just a Christmas spirit that’s alive in me right now, it’s a thick, snowy, wintry spirit despite living in humid and sticky, 78-degree weather in Florida.

Hue Thrill Me - Icy Blue 3 | EmilyAnnMoschner Design

*Images – Row 1 | Newborn Greyer via Frills for ThrillsIceland landscape via tumblr – unknown; Row 2 | Le Devoir newspaper art via Myriam Dion

Remember my fiery red obsession? I was sort of anti-fall colors then, and i’m sort of anti-fall colors now. Which is weird because I adore fall, and I’m secretly envious of every individual who lives in a location that grants them the opportunity to truly experience fall. I’m also super duper excited for my Thanksgiving trip to Alabama with the one and only Ben where we can see a bit of real-deal fall together, like crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice fall.

But for now I’m all anti-fall. Ready to skip right to the winter that, again, I will never witness in Florida.

Also, just look at that precious little bundle of baby. Maternal desires alive and well? Check.

Hue Thrill Me - Icy Blue 2 | EmilyAnnMoschner Design

Row 1 | Engadin Valley, Swiss Alps, Switzerland via Found Walls; Little America Backpack via Herschel; Row 2 | I’d Be Lost Without You Card via Poppytalk Handmade; Zug, Switzerland via Incredible Pictures

Oh hello, Switzerland and a handsome hiking backpack to match.

Hue Thrill Me - Icy Blue 3 | EmilyAnnMoschner Design

Row 1 | Pretty, floral curtains (currently unavailable) via Lazybones; Painted stair runner via Light LocationsVintage Blue Cat Eyeglasses via VintageOpticalShop – Etsy; Row 2 | Capri Gift Wrap via Mr. Boddington’s Studio; You’re a Peach Cake via Mint Design

And then, yes, we take an unexpected turn into springtime. Pardon me and my case of season-schizophrenia. They’re just all so beautiful, and so is icy blue.

Ever feel like you’re going behind your favorite season’s back to fall in love with another? Tell me about it!


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