Calling, Caller

Lots of people say it: “I feel like this is my calling.” And I’m all about that, but…

Caller, Calling | Emily Ann Moschner Design

Kathy Keller, a writer and a co-founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, coined this message at a recent women’s conference, and if I was there I probably would have stood up and clapped.

A little piece of me is screaming, “Don’t post this! You’re bound to offend someone.” But, while that is not my goal, I do feel it is my responsibility, perhaps even my own calling, to spread messages like the one above outside of quick tweets and memos and into visuals that give life to the very thoughts they are portraying.

Plus, I am here to speak the truth: Proverbs 3:6.

P.S. If a post ever stirs up any questions or comments regarding what I know to be true, I would love to hear from you, whether you agree or not. Feel free to utilize the comments below or contact me individually.


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