Set It Up | Thanksgiving

If I had a house right now (& a job) I would be decking it out for Thanksgiving.

I grew up with a mom who loves decorating for the holidays and setting a pretty spread for gatherings around our long, oak dining table. It rubbed off on me.

Set It Up - Thanksgiving | Emily Ann Moschner Design

As I’ve mentioned a lot lately, I’m just not into traditional holiday decor these days.

I’m also really over conventional flower arrangements. I just can’t see spending upwards of 50 bucks for some orange-dyed daisies stuffed in a whicker cornucopia. Don’t tell me you’ve never seen one of those bad boys, and please don’t tell me you liked them. If we’re honest, we’re just settling when we buy those things. I suppose it’s the thought that counts, so don’t go getting all down on yourself for falling for the pre-fab flowers at least once in your life and gifting it for your Thanksgiving hostess. Really, the sentiment is there.

But do you see that vase of big, dramatic greenery? That, my friends, is cabbage. Ornamental cabbage. And it’s 1,000 times more interesting and impactful than our tired boring-copia, as well as cheaper. I suppose you could even eat it. Take that, 1-800-Flowers.

As for the furniture, I’m always digging mid-century, and I like that these pieces are streamlined but not lacking in cozy with rich color and cushion.

Oh, and the gold details? They just really do it for me. I say if it ain’t gold, it ain’t pretty.



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