Hue Thrill Me | Radiant Orchid

When I think ‘orchid’, I think of Orchids Thai Restaurant back home and their coconut chicken curry. Shout out to my favorite Thai folk and their delicious kitchen magic!

You know what I don’t think of when I think ‘orchid’? I don’t think radiant. I’m just not really a purple kind of girl.

But hey, I ain’t Pantone.

Hue Thrill Me - Radiant Orchid 1 | EmilyAnnMoschner Design

*Images – Row 1 | Stay With Me At All Times by Michael Cina via Saatchi OnlineBun in the Oven (See Jane Bump) via See (Anna) Jane; 1960s Helmond Violet Dress via Adored Vintage; Row 2 | Annie McElwain photography

Luckily for them, it is a secretly beautiful color. I like to think of Radiant Orchid as Eggplant’s (not Pantone’s Egglant, by the way, which is murky and gray) quiet, freckly cousin who shows up at prom with her braided pigtails let down all the while turning the heads of the jerks who thought she was a loser. Oh yeah, and then she wins prom queen. Alas, Radiant Orchid – Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year.

Hue Thrill Me - Radiant Orchid 2 | EmilyAnnMoschner Design

Row 1 |  Violet Harlequin by Maryanne Moodie via InstagramAndrea Millar’s Sydney Home via The Design Files; Row 2 | Made A Mano Tiles; DIY Painted Mugs via West Elm’s Front & Main

Trust me, I’m not going painting my walls Radiant Orchid any time soon. But it is a refreshing hue if you want to bring life to something. It has a certain spunk that allows a little to go a long way.

Hue Thrill Me - Radiant Orchid 3 | EmilyAnnMoschner Design

Row 1 | Rainbow Checkered Tie (sold out) via J. Press York StreetUptown Girl via eat.sleep.wear.; Girl’s Puffin Classics Set via Amazon; prettystuff on Tumblr (Anyone know where this image actually originated?); Row 2 | Radiant Orchid via A Little Dash of Darling; Lavender Geode Agate Druzy Necklace 14K Gold (sold out) via friedasophie on Etsy

And so Pantone does it again. Effortlessly turning us into fans of a an age-old color featured on naturally occurring orchid flowers all over the world. Suddenly now it’s cool, and though it hurts my pink-loving 13-year-old heart, I have to agree.


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