Summer Sole-stice | Heeled Clogs

This isn’t a fashion blog. But you know when you’re kibitzing with a friend over lunch and suddenly there’s a honking piece of spinach in her tooth and you realize that although it might be slightly embarrassing to cue her in on the forest gathering in her pie hole, not doing so would cause her to be infinitely more embarrassed for the remainder of the day without even knowing it, in which case when she does take a glimpse in the mirror hours later and she witnesses the tragedy herself she will thereby know for certain that the only time she had anything green all day was when she was with you and therefore you are a terribly selfish and insufficient friend for not being straight up with her about the spinach on her tooth?

Well this is kind of like that. In that if I don’t tell you, you’ll be embarrassed and you’ll make me out to be this awful, self-centered girl who enjoys keeping valuable information to herself for the purpose of seeing other people suffer. But it just ain’t so, which is why I’m being utterly transparent about these beauties.

Old Navy Hasbeens | Emily Ann Moschner Design

These, my friends, are not Swedish Hasbeens, which might, nay, probably, means nothing to you. Allow me to enlighten you further.

Swedish Hasbeens shoes have been made in Stockholm, Sweden, since 2006. They’re a hand-crafted throwback to 70s classics, and every shoe is made with stunning materials including natural grain leather, real wood and rubber soles. They’re basically perfect and quirky and I just love the 70s (and 60s), ok? So back off.

I digress.

Old Navy Hasbeens | Emily Ann Moschner Design
My point here is that, while impeccable, Swedish Hasbeens shoes also have an all-natural, hand-crafted, large-and-in-charge price tag, like $200-ish for some of my favorite pairs (exhibit A, B, C & D). In short – this girl can’t afford a pair.

That’s where these Old Navy darlings come in handy (pictured above). They’re $32.94 and you can find them even cheaper (like I did for $21) when Old Navy has its awesome sales and coupons.

I confess – the price was so great I even bought them in black too, and now they’re my go-to shoes for summer.

Are you going to get off to summer on the right foot?

I dare you to.