March | Take It

Last time I checked, we were just rolling into February and I was just turning 21.

But alas, it is March. We’re almost a fourth of the way through 2014, people. That’s insane. It’s also Monday, so I thought I’d give you a little treat to help get your week going.

Take It - March 14 | Emily Ann Moschner Design

If you’re anything like me, you probably change your desktop fairly often depending on your mood or the season. You might even have several desktops so that you can manage 30+ tabs on Google Chrome, an artboard on Illustrator and a Word doc simultaneously.

Take It - March 14 | Emily Ann Moschner Design

In which case, here are three treats to help get your week off to a sweet start.

Take It - March 14 | Emily Ann Moschner Design

Take one, take ’em all. It’s my way of saying thank you for reading and supporting and giving me someone to write to.

These images and designs are mine. I took the photos in the UK when my lovely Grandma treated me to a trip in 2011. I suppose I’m feeling nostalgic. Also, while the first was snapped in London, the last two were taken in Ireland, and we are approaching St. Patrick’s Day after all.

To keep for yourself, simply click on the image and then right-click and choose “save image.”

Please enjoy and share and link all images back to my own blog (this particular post, to be exact – said in the least bossy way possible) if you wish to spread them around. Happy March!