Website Design

I chose to redesign the website for the nonprofit Friends for Life of America.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 12.28.32 PM

Here it is pre-facelift.

It needed a lot of organization and thought. There wasn’t much going on and what was going on was unhelpful and confusing. So I turned it into this:


I wanted it to be simple and clean. The colors were taken straight out of the logo. The header includes the logo and navigation, which has very few options in order to maintain simplicity.

Below the header is a slider for upcoming events and updates. On a live webpage the slider would be functioning with two additional images.

Finally is the organization’s monthly calendar and a member spotlight. This aside could be interchangeable depending on what the organization decides is most useful for the space.

Magazine Spread

I sort of started backwards with this piece. My process began with a mental image of the design including a photo of a cat’s tail. Right away I turned to Flickr’s Creative Commons images to find one that fit my idea.


I found this little cutey. I loved the colors and the composition. I even loved the slight grain of the photo. But I hated the black bars.

For my first few drafts, I just eliminated the bars by cropping them out. I thought the layout would look more clean without them as they seemed almost accidental otherwise. The layout, however, was falling flat.

I ended up utilizing them to anchor the image to the rest of the spread. I didn’t want the photo to just be floating on the right side, so I extended the otherwise out of place black bars to follow the image off of the page.


The syringe sketch came next. I wanted it to be obvious that the story had something to do with cats and shots or vaccinations, especially since the title “A Cat’s Tale” is very vague. I drew up the sketch in Illustrator and copy and pasted it in. Originally I attempted to save it in Illustrator as a PNG and place it on the spread, but the result was very pixely and not nearly as clean as I was hoping for.

I chose Mountain Retreat for my headline font to tie in the sketchy nature of the syringe and play with the lighthearted feel of the headline. Garamond was a good balance to this for the copy, and it helped the spread retain some sophistication.

Promo Piece

I’m the vice president of a nonprofit on campus at the University of Florida. We’re small and meek, but we fight pediatric cancer. Every year our largest event is the Lance Dalton Silent Auction in honor of a past member who passed away from bone cancer. This promo piece serves to inform local businesses of their opportunity to be a part of our auction by donating to the cause.


I choose to do a simple single-fold pamphlet for the promotional piece. It is half of a page (5.5 x 8.5) in order to be as economically friendly as possible. The front of the pamphlet as displayed above on the right-hand side displays our Lance Dalton Silent Auction logo and the back side contains contact information for companies interested in participating.


Inside potential donators have the opportunity to learn more about our organization, cause and event. The bottom right-hand corner would be a perforated segment that would be filled out by interested companies/individuals and attached to their donation if and when they decide to contribute.


I designed a t-shirt for an on-campus nonprofit organization Friends for Life of America. The organization supports children with pediatric cancer and fundraises to fight the disease, so I wanted something about the design to have a child-like feel. Still, the shirt will be worn by college students. This is why I went with a spin-off of Jersey Shore’s ‘Gym. Tan. Laundry.’ catchphrase and made one more fitting for Friends for Life, ‘Gym. Study. FFL.’


Based on colors from a past logo, I chose a color palette with variations of the three primary colors. The original logo also featured a balloon which lends itself to the motif on the back of the shirt. Because of the name ‘Friends for Life’ many students mistake this organization for a ‘friends forever’ organization. Although the members in the organization are friendly, I wanted to be sure that an accurate message was sent: ‘Sure, we might be friends, but we’re fighting cancer.’ This is also my reason for choosing a bold-face font for the front design.


Event Poster

My poster is promoting the upcoming All-Star Jam Benefit Concert for Kids Kicking Cancer. The organization is affiliated with Shands Arts in Medicine program that desires to “transform the hospital experience for patients, visitors, caregivers and staff.” Kids Kicking Cancer is a branch of this program allowing children with serious illnesses to find peace through martial arts. The benefit concert is designed to raise money for the program. Its target market is individuals willing and able to sponsor the event in some way.


I started with an original vector graphic that makes up the background of the poster using simple geometric shapes. I wanted a clean image that had a large impact and one that included a karate belt. Since gold is the official ribbon color for pediatric cancer, I made the belt gold. Red and blue are used to contrast the gold and to allude to the “all-star” theme of the event. As of now there is no official website or Facebook page for the event as it is not until January, so I included a reminder for the audience to check the organization out on Facebook by searching “Kids Kicking Cancer Gainesville.”


Personal Brand

I am a mixture of quiet and loud, put-together and scattered, light-hearted and serious. Sometimes I need order, details and schedules. Other times I fly by the seat of my pants.

This created a challenge for designing my personal brand.

My brand will represent my personality and hopefully my current blog and future freelance design work and website/portfolio.


I was looking for a simple and clean design with an unexpected bent. So I began with a simple square in my go-to color: deep, rich green. The white text keeps the logo crisp, and the personal touch came in with my own hand-written script using my Wacom Bamboo tablet. The lines slightly bleed out of the square to portray my desire to stretch outside of my own limits in my designs, writing and style.

Throughout the stationery system I added pops of red and pink. Although this color combination alongside green could have gone Chistmas-y, I balanced it out with a light sand color for text on my envelope, borders on the letterhead and patterns on the business card.

Speaking of the business card, I wanted to incorporate an interactive twist in which perspective clients could choose their desired font style as well as scribble in a potential color palette for the project that we’d be collaborating on. This would also serve as an instant conversation starter for the following correspondence with the individual and could jumpstart the brand for their business or organization.


Typefaces: My own hand-written script & Varela Round | Colors: Pine green, light sand and dashes of red


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